Grisham, Wildman & Work is a full-service accounting firm serving automobile dealerships throughout the country.  Located in Memphis, Tennessee, and established in 1993, GWW offers a unique blend of professional expertise and dedicated personal service.  Our members are certified in multiple states and are members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as well as the Tennessee Society of CPAs.  We also participate in the AICPA's Peer Review program administered by the Tennessee Society of CPAs.

Because our focus is serving automobile dealerships and their interests, we do not pursue other business groups.  As a result, we are knowledgeable, responsive, and efficient in the automobile dealership industry.  We are dedicated to our dealers, and our time is devoted to tailoring our knowledge in areas such as tax savings ideas, internal control suggestions, and dealership operations.

The members and staff at GWW are committed to providing services that will best meet the needs of your particular dealership.  We believe that every legitimate opportunity to reduce or defer taxes should be utilized to maximize cash flow.  For example, using LIFO to value inventories is one of the best methods for new vehicles, used vehicles and parts.  This is just one way we can aide you in making wise decisions for your dealership.

The members have a combined total of over 70 years of experience in the automobile dealership industry.  Since inception, our firm has constantly sought ways to become more efficient in its operations in order to provide our clients with outstanding service at a reasonable cost.  We understand the economic impact on the automotive industry, and strive to minimize expenses, reduce wastefulness, and increase productivity.  With our office centrally located in Memphis, Tennessee, we have easy access to and are only a few hours away from your dealership, wherever you are located.